Who Are Topdec?

We are your new go to online supplier of quality top brand decorating products. Moving into our second year and increasing multiple products daily we now have over 1000 decorating products in stock including exclusive must have Items.

Our aim is to make buying any product; brushes, rollers, dust sheets, etc... quick, easy and at a great price for you.

Customer service is at the top of our list and we want you to be able to order everything you need either on the go, over the phone, from laptops, tablets and mobiles. Our website is designed with a quick menu so you can find the product you want in just a few clicks. 

Every order is packed with extra care and shipped as quick as possible to you, to enjoy your products. We hope you find the experience great and look forward to being your supplier of all your painting and decorating products going forward.



British Made

At Topdec we believe in quality over quantity, that is why we are very proud that all our brushes are manufactured in Britain.
There are many brushes that come from all over the world that lack the true British way of brush manufacturing and this is why we guarantee that Topdec will always be British Made.

Our Philosophy

Topdec's philosophy runs far deeper than just creating a great brush. We are extremely proud of our British manufacturing heritage and wish to maintain our spectacular reputation through our dedication to exceeding all customer expectations and by continuing our devoted commitment to each and every customer.
Topdec Brushes are amongst the very few decorating  brush manufacturers left in the UK. Although we experience continual pressure from cheaper foreign imports branded with ‘designer’ labels sold at extortionate prices, we will never settle to selling a lesser product at a high price.
​ We only produce world class products – without compromise.

Our Brush Materials

What sets Topdc apart is the way the brushes are produced and sourced. Months of research go into making a new style of brush. The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in the united states, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests throughout the world, selected for their beauty, grain, colour and suitability to be shaped and drilled. All of Topdec's brushes are hand made adding that vital experience of brush making to every brush.