What is Chameledec?

Chameledec is a Eco friendly alternative to traditional wall and ceiling decorative products. Chameledec provides substrates providing long lasting durable, repairable finish that can be mixed to individual preferences for unique decorative designs or used from the colour range.

Chameledec standard colours can be combined to form new exciting colours to suit your own imagination, decorative coloured flecks and glitter can be added to form endless new colour ranges for walls or ceilings.


Chameledec is a mixture of 100% pure cellulose cotton in the form of fibrous strings with cellulose resin gum, coloured by natural dyes, with the option to add minor decorative components. Cellulose is an organic compound with the formula (C6H10O5)n, a polysaccharide consisting of a linear chain of several hundred to many thousands of D-glucose units. Cellulose is an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, Cellulose is the most abundant organic polymer on Earth.

Peparation of substrates

Chameledec can be applied to numerous wall and ceiling substrates directly without prior preparation including plaster, wood, cement, oil and acrylic decorated surfaces. It is recommended that loose flaking paints and powdered surfaces are removed along with the treatment of any damp areas prior to the application of Chameledec.

Existing wallpaper must be removed along with the adhesives due to its debonding attributes following exposure to water. Oil and heavy staining should again be removed or treated prior to the application of Chameledec.

PVA sealers can be used on very pourous and gloss surfaces to aid the adhesion with Chameledec.

When the substrate content or composition is not known we would always recommend a sealer coat be applied prior to the application of Chameledec.

Chameledec preparation

Ensure the proposed container is clean and free from any possible contaiminants and or former specialised mixes of Chameledec. Assess the area to be covered and place the appropriate quantity of Chameledec into the clean mixing vessel. Add the decorative flecks or glitters as desired (when mixing with decorative additives the mix ratio should be recorded for reproduction of the same colour in future mixes if required, this is to maintain colour consistency, dry mix, if using additives prior to the water being added. Add the appropriate clean water to the Chameledec (5 litres per each kilogram of Chameledec) and mix by hand until a dough consistency has been achieved for approximatly 15 to 20 minutes. Water or Chameledec can be added to achieve the ideal consistency (we do recommend you record any additions for future mixes to ensure continuity). Leave to rest for 30 minutes for activation of the adhesive binders to occur After the rest period remix the product to ensure an even colour and texture consistancy has been achieved.


Chameledec is applied using a plastic trowel. Place Chameledec onto the trowel and apply to the substrate smoothing it onto the surface to achieve a consistent coverage. Chameledec will remain in its unset form within the mixing vessel for up to 24 hours of mixing, this allows time for revisiting applied areas should the need arise. If the area being covered is scraped or damaged during application simply work the material back into the damaged areas with the trowel, there is no need for more material to be added to rectify any damage during application. Chameledec has a seamless quality that allows large areas to be covered during multiple visits, re-visits to work within 24 hours have no effect on the overall coverage and form no visual seams. Re-vists to work with new material on existing work after 24 hours will require the following: -

Using a spray bottle, moisten the leading edge of the existing work back by 50mm and leave to soak in for 15 to 25 minutes applying more water depending upon the thickness. This hydrates the existing material and allows you to add new material without seams forming. Dropped material can be collected from the floor and re-used as long as no contamination has occurred from debris present on the floor which would affect the consistency of the material. Surplus mixed Chameledec should be stored in sealed containers in a cool area for upto 24 hours if to be used again on the same substrate. Unmixed Chameledec should be re-sealed in its bag and stored in a dry and cool place.

Specific mix Frozen storage

If you have mixed a specific colour with decoractive additives and have surplus material over from your project it can be stored in a sealed container and frozen for indefinite duration. This material can be defrosted and used to repair previous specific works without colour differentuals; any remaining material can be re-frozen.

Repairing small scratch damage

Chameledec is unlike wallpaper or emulsion decorative systems it can be seamlessly repaired should scratches occur. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and spray onto the damaged area and leave to soak for approximatley 15 minutes, re-spray water if required. Once Chameledec has been totally rehydrated, re-work the material to cover the damaged area and leave to dry.

Chameledec can be removed by simply rehydrating the product with spray applied water leaving to soak in and removed with a trowel or general purpose scraper. In this removed form Chameledec can be re-applied to another area should you wish.