Cleaning Paint Brushes

Easy 1,2,3 guide to maintaining your brushes.

1. Remove excess paint

Avoid damage to the bristles when paint dries, squeeze excess paint against the tin when you have finished with the brush. This will remove excess paint and your ready for the next step.

2. Solvent-based paints

Use a product which helps lift the solvent from the fibres of the brush. White spirits thin down the paint and help lift it from the bristles. You can also use other paint brush cleaners for this process. Don't forget your paint brush comb! Only use products advised by paint manufacturer when cleaning

3. Water-based paints

Water-based paint such as emulsion can be removed with a warm soapy water solution. Don't not use hot or boiling water as this can damage the brush. Continue cleaning until all the paint is removed.Don't forget your paint brush comb!

TOP TIP - Grab a Topdec Paint Kettle for a brush bath. Always use White Spirit in a well ventilated area and refresh the solution several times until all the paint has been removed – Always disperse of in the solution in the correct manner.

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