3M Hand-Masker Premium Masking Paper MP12 12"


3M Hand-Masker Premium Masking Paper MP12 12"

180Ft (55M) Long x  12 inches (30cms) wide.

3M Hand-Masker paper is the professional and quick way to mask large areas.

3M masking paper is a trade quality paper specially formulated for water and oil based coatings including lacquers and acrylics and is a low cost alternative to masking film.

Ideal for property protection against paint splatter or paint over-spray.

For use with the M3000 applicator tool and 0.75 - 2 Inch masking tape to efficiently stick one edge in place.

When used this way, you have masking tape attached to a width of film to give much more area coverage; especially useful for protecting door frames, window frames and other immovable objects.