Arroworthy Rembrandt Stubby Angular Sash 2" Paint Brush


A Handcrafted Semi Oval professional brush engineered and designed to provide a unique painting tool. 


The Rembrandt brush features a unique blend of PET/PBT filaments, which absorb & offer better 

durability, while maintaining greater stiffness. 


Superior memory retention with extra fine tipping. High temperature resistant & Easy to clean. Superior 

Cutting ability, easy precision release of paint preventing dumping. 


• “Old World” design, modified for today’s coatings

• Semi Oval feature is well suited for trim and detail applications 

• Firm blend provides improved productivity 

• Semi-Push Chisel construction provides improved laying-off of finish. 

• Hard wood handles 

• Stainless Steel Ferrule 

Performance is job tested.