Axus Brush Comb


Axus Decor Brush Comb - AXU/BC

Gets right into the hard to clean stock of the brush.

Washing a brush with water or solvent alone will get most of the paint out of it, but it is very difficult to remove paint from the base of the bristles, where they are set into the handle. This can ultimately cause a build-up of hardened paint, and reduces the lifetime of your brushes.

This brush comb will penetrate the base of the bristle stock, and allow the water/solvent to flow right through all of the bristle, resulting in faster, more effective cleaning and no paint build up.

Combing wet bristles also ensures that they dry straight.

So make your brushes last by using the brush comb from Axus Decor.


Every time you wash a brush in water or solvent, run the comb through it several times, working from the base of the bristles