Axus Captain Chunk 9" Roller Kit


Axus Captain Chunk 9" Roller Kit

Kit Includes:

1 x 9" Captain Chunk Sleeve XXL Pile

1 x 9" Immaculate Frame

1 x Megaroll 10" Deep Tray


The Captain chunk roller sleeves are XXL pile made of high density fabric for the roughest of surfaces, including pebble dash. 

The captain chunk range also incorporates a unique 10mm foam padding that allows the roller to stretch more fabric around the core, so the roller can be loaded with a huge amount of paint, for super fast painting on masonry surface. It also allows you to apply more pressure where needed to help 'work in' to surfaces.

The Axus Decor Megaroll 10" Handy Tray is made from strong and rigid plastic with deep grooves for rolling paint off with ease. The tray has key features such as a pouring spot, deep grooves and is super sturdy.