Axus Decor AXU/RB9L Blue Pro Finish Roller Sleeve Long Pile 9in


This long pile roller sleeve is made from a super-soft, absorbent fabric for quickly delivering a fine finish onto uneven walls and ceilings.

The fabric benefits from being shed resistant, and minimises splatteringof paint when rolling. The roller fabric is heat-fused to the core, toprevent unwind and ensure maximum lifetime, even when used with theharshest of solvents. The core diameter of this sleeve is 1.75" (44mm),so it should be fitted onto a matching Axus Decor or other suitablysized roller frame. Wash before first use.

Features & Benefits:

  • A super-soft fabric for an ultra-fine finish
  • Low splatter
  • Shed Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Use on uneven walls and ceilings

Size - 9in x 1 3/4in Core (221mm x 44mm Core)

Cleaning Instructions:

1 - Squeeze out excess paint
2 - Wash in clean, warm soapy water (or appropriate solvent if using with oil-based paint)
3 - Rinse thoroughly in clean water
4 - Spin dry on a mini roller handle
5 - Leave standing upright to dry fully