HighTower Tripod Painting System

  • The HighTower Painting Tripod System is a painting system that is height adjustable with a wheeled tripod. This allows for hassle free painting at a height and at ground level.
  • The High Tower Painting Tripod attaches to an innovative roller paint bucket (included in this package). This paint bucket includes a roller slope, magnetic paint brush holder and a detachable tool holder. Our tripod system stands at a waist height starting position, eliminating the need for bending up and down to retrieve paint when painting in a standing position.
  • When ready to paint at a height, simply raise the tripod to the required height. (maximum painting height of 3 metres) Now, all your tools and paint are within easy reach reducing the need to climb up and down the ladder to retrieve more paint or tools.
  • Hassle free painting, safer & faster painting. Less up & down ladders, tool at arms reach. No bending, no back stress!
  • Includes: Height Adjustable & Mobile Tripod HighTower Paint Roller Bucket With Roller Slope & Magnetic Brush Holder Handy Tool Attachment 2 x Disposable Liners 2 Inch Synthetic Paint Brush Roller Cage & Sleeve Paint Stirrer