Liquid Tape 1 Litre

Liquid Tape 1 Litre

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Walther Strong Liquid Tape is a water-based

yellow-transparent gel that after drying forms a strong

and flexible, easily removable foil that offers good protection

against scratches, paint, plaster, cement, PU foam etc.


Liquid Tape can be used with both renovation and new

construction work in industrial or automotive applications.

The foil has good adhesion to practically all surfaces

and does not slip. When the work is done, the flexible

membrane can be very simply pulled off the surface.

Apply on a dry and clean surface with a brush, roller or airless

spraying device (nozzle type 625 - remove filters).

Always remove the product as soon as the job is completed.

The sooner the better. The thicker the layer, the simpler

to remove.


Apply two layers with very uneven and/or porous

surfaces. Apply from 10˚C. Do not apply in direct

sunlight. Peeling off is affected by exposure to UV rays.

Remove the film after a maximum of two weeks (outside)

and 4-6 weeks (inside). Carefully pull the film from the surface.

Always test the surface/substrate first. The product should

not be used on sandblasted timber and/or fabrics.