Picasso® Minotaur™, 1.5" Bulb Handle, Oval, Angled

Picasso Minatour Oval Angle 1.5" Brush


Kaiser Handle

The Picasso Minatour was designed to hold more paint that the original Picasso paint brushes. 

Suited to all paints, the Minatour uses the recognised blended nylon SRT filaments but pairing them with a typical 'old school handle' 

Due to their paint hold, the Minatour are great for covering large areasbut without compromising its accuracy for detail and trim work. 

 Advanced PBT proprietary filament blend for easy paint application and cleaning.

Hardline 'no drip' interior construction interior design that permanently marries the handle to the ferrule. This means the ferrule will NEVER become loose! It also eliminates the area where paint, cleaners and water collect, creating a no drip after cleaning benefit.