Q-Tech 3 HVLP Turbine Suction Gun 110V


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Product Code -  10-1000


2 Year Warranty

Q-Tech 3 HVLP Turbine Suction Gun 240V

2 Year Warranty

This all-new range of turbines combines the cost-effectiveness of the QTech brand with the best in manufacturing from North America. 


Suction gun with 1.5 mm nozzle.

7.5 m hose assembly.

Viscosity cup.


Cleaning brush.



Key features

• Non-bleed spray gun

• Side mounted fan control

• Effective dissipation of heat

• Low noise level

• Quick-change filters

• High transfer efficiency – ensures fine atomisation

• Choice of nozzles from 0.8mm – 2.5mm

• Stainless steel nozzle and needle



Use to Spray

Gloss and wood primers.

Cellulose coatings.

Solvent based top coats.

Wood preservatives and other similar coatings.



QTech3 HVLP Turbine 3-stage | Suction gun

Nozzle 1.5 mm

MWP 0.45 bar | 6.5 psi

Cup 1 ltr

Power supply 110 volt

Weight 13.89 kg