Remote pressure pot-assembly-kit


This 2Lt Pressure Pot Assembly Kit has everything you need to benefit from the increased capacity using your QTech 5 Stage Turbine + Suction HVLP Gun.  The 2Lt Pressure Pot Assembly offers several advantages. The 2.25L capacity is twice as much as a standard and three times that of a gravity fed gun. You can spray larger areas without refilling. There is now little weight for you to carry and manipulate so spraying is less tiring for your arm and wrist. Without an attached pot the spray gun will fit into smaller places and is able to spray at any angle, even upside down.

Supplied with 2Qt pressure pot plus adapter, 1,800mm material fluid hose, quick-connect coupler, pressure tube and check valve and nipple caps.


Please note: The Remote pot needs 9.5 psi or more to pressurize correctly. Not compatible with QTech3 or QT3. Not suitable for use with emulsions.