Seal & Save Roller and Brush Wrapper


ake a look at this Roller and Brush Wrapper from Coral Tools. Created as an easier tool keeper for when you are preserving tools during breaks or unplanned interruptions to a painting project. Comes with an air tight bag, with a pressure seal, so you'll be assured that your paint roller covers and paint brushes stay fresh for hours, days, even weeks! Fewer clean-ups also mean less paint entering the water system, making the wrappers an environmenTally friendly product! Expect a medium size foil bag that fits most paint roller covers up to 9" (229mm wide) and most paint brushes up to 4" (100mm) wide. Produced with a highly reflective foil bag. Order this paint roller keeper now and you'll enjoy a vapour barrier foil that reflects heat and the suns rays for improved year round performance on your next taking a break project.