Tajima Scrape-Rite Scraper 600mm


Tajima Scrape-Rite Scraper with a Professional Heavy Duty Handle and 3 Endura Solid 18MM Blades 600MM


Disappointed with your scraper? The 600mm Scraper by Tajima helps you when preparing surfaces including wall, floor, ceiling, and roofing applications. Because it has a spring loaded blade clamp with normal and reverse compatibility with 18mm blades you'll experience fast and easy blade changes without compromising blade security and the reversible blade loading offers both standard or ultra-sharp scraping. What that means is you'll be assured of greater productivity and outstanding, precise scraping performance even on the toughest jobs. Compatibility with 18mm solid or snap-off blades means replacement blades are widely available. This scraper also has a thick stainless steel striking head for easier hammering applications! Expect a 4" (100mm) wide blade that is sold with 3x 18mm Tajima Endura Solid Blades. Produced with a die cast aluMinium head, reinforced shaft, a steel end cap, and a plastic protective blade guard. Extra thick blades are made with SK-120 premium grade steel. Don't be without this heavy duty wall scraper on your next scraping project. Add to cart. The Criminal Justice Act 1998 prohibits the sale of bladed items to persons under the age of 18. By placing for this item you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. Blades are sharp, please handle with care.