Tesa Precision Masking Tape 1.5"


Tesa Precision Masking Tape 1.5" 

50m Roll



• Tesa Precision edge masking tape for perfect razor sharp edges every time

• For indoor use and use with all paints (even water based paints)

•  Can be left on a surface for up to 6 months indoors and 8 weeks outdoors without leaving residues on removal


- Flat, sharp edges to paint and lacquer

- For smooth and slightly textured surfaces

- For high-quality painting and lacquering work


Precision masking tape can be used with all water-dilutable and aromatic free paints and varnishes too. The ultra-thin backing prevents paint underflows and there is also no bleeding.


Japanese plant fibres give the masking tape the special characteristics that make it ideal for razor sharp edges every time and is also extremely stable longitudinally, while at the same time being easy to tear laterally.


It can be used safely on different surfaces like glass, aluminium, rigid PVC and wood, and can be removed up to 5 months after application without leaving residues.