Topdec Clear Coat Silicone Cream 5L

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Clear Coat is a high quality, speciality silane/siloxane cream product for hydrophobic impregnation of absorbent, neutral to low alkaline mineral substrates.

TOPDEC Clear Coat is formulated for application onto absorbent exterior masonry surfaces, producing
a water repellent finish with minimal effect on the surface appearance.

brickwork, stonework and most forms of unprotected masonry.

Excellent penetration
Minimises efflorescence
Excellent breathability
Improved thermal efficiency
Easy to handle and apply

All surfaces shall be dry and free from contamination such as loose particles, decayed matter, moss,
algal growth, laitance and all traces of mould release oils and dirt. All areas must be sound and free
from cracks and other possible access points for driving rain.
TOPDEC Clear Coat should be applied by brush, roller or suitable airless spray. It is strongly
recommended that a trial area be applied to assess coverage rate. Slight darkening may occur on
some substrates although this will usually fade over time. Application rates will vary according to the
type of substrate but should typically be in the region of 100g – 200g per m² (approx. 20 - 40m²/5
litres or 0.12 – 0.25 litres per m² depending on absorbency and texture of the surface). Care should
be taken to protect painted surfaces, plastics and glass from contamination during application.
For full preparation and application instruction, refer to the technical data sheet which is available
from TOPDEC on request.
TOPDEC Clear Coat may be removed from equipment using water and detergent. Do not use thinners
to remove material from the skin.
TOPDEC Clear Coat has been formulated for application to clean and sound neutral/low alkaline
masonry surfaces. TOPDEC Clear Coat should not be applied to new highly alkaline surfaces such as
un-weathered concrete and cement render. Care shall be taken to ensure that anything which may
interfere with the surface penetration and reaction shall be removed.
The application of TOPDEC Clear Coat should be carried out at temperatures between 5ºC and 25ºC.
Do not apply when rain is likely.
TOPDEC Clear Coat may slightly darken some substrates and white cement. This is often a temporary
effect. On such surfaces, a trial area shall be undertaken to the satisfaction of the specifying officer.
Health Safety and Environmental Information
This product is for Exterior Use only.
TOPDEC Clear Coat is not classified as hazardous according to regulation (EC) No. 1274/2008
Contains chloromethylisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (3:1). May produce an allergic reaction.
Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness and cracking. Keep away from sources of ignition – no smoking.
Use only in well ventilated areas. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory protection. In confined
spaces, when spraying, wear air-fed respiratory protection. Do not breathe spray. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
When applying, the use of eye protection is recommended. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of
water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water or a proprietary
skin cleanser. Do not use solvents. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and
show the container or label. Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Avoid release to the environment. Refer to the
safety data sheet which includes waste hazard categories.
Refer to the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.