Trial Pack - Gold/Silver Pro


We know its hard to trust another brand so we have created 2 trial packs for you to try our British and hand made brushes.


Choose from either the Gold Pro pack or Silver Pro pack.

Both have a 2" brush and a lining fitch.




2" Gold Pro-

This brush was developed for the professional painter. It is manufactured in the UK but has won awards in America for its superior ability to cut in straight lines and hold high volumes of Paint


2" Silver Pro-

This brush was developed for the professional painter but for the great price it is ideal for the established diy'er.
With the thin nature of this brush it has the ability to leave crisp, precise straight lines and a superior laying off ability 


Lining Fitch

Topdec's Lining fitches are revolutionary to the market. with the synthetic bristles, getting into those fine areas is made easy. The bristles hold shape like no other fitch on the market. Gone are the days of poor quality and unreliable lining fitches.