TriTech T93R Ultra Fine Finish Low Pressure Pro Tip


TriTech T93R Ultra Fine Finish Low Pressure Pro Tip 

Unique double-orifice atomizes the coating twice - each time finer than the first to achieve an ultra fine finish.

Tip Number Explained:

EXAMPLE: Tip Size 109 = 2" Fan Width & 0.009" Orifice

EXAMPLE: Tip Size 313= 6" Fan Width & 0.013" Orifice

Approx 0.19 Flow Litres/Minute

For Use WIth All Makes Of Airless Piston Pumps Fitted With A TriTech T93R Guard

100% manufactured in the USA, including the sourcing of all raw materials.

Results in an extremely high consistency of manufacturing with a return rate of 0.1% – the lowest in the industry.

Manufactured from a military grade tungsten carbide with a Rockwell hardness of 93; for comparison, a diamond has a Rockwell hardness of 100.

Will easily outlast any other tip when used in a like-for-like situation.

Can be used in most leading brands of airless spray gun.

Tip Size