Uniwipe Ultra Grime Wipes X 100


The Ultra Grime wipe is truly perfect for clearing stubborn stains such as grease, ink, paint, oil and many more! The tough stain removing material even provides effective removal against permanent marker, a difficult task that Ultra Grime wipes make quick work of! Its large dimensions allow for better coverage when wiping, better than most standard wipes on the the market. It is also safe to use on all surfaces like stainless steel, wood, leather and upholstery materials!

Each pack contains 100 wipes, each wipe measuring around 380mm x 250mm.

See the Ultra Grime wipes in action!

Key features:

  • Strong, soft and super absorbent in material.
  • Low foaming qualities.
  • Unique grease destroying ability.
  • Packaging can be recycled.
  • Cuts through oil, grease and grime.
  • Wipes are safe to use on hands.
  • Safe to us on all surfaces.
  • Pack contains: 100 wipes (380mm x 250mm in size)