Vintro Concrete Effect Paint 2.5L


The sophistication of subtle shading, or the drama of raw, unfinished concrete.  


Concrete Effect Paint is our innovative, water-based, low VOC, speciality decorative paint. It is a one-product system that will add interest and style to any interior.



Throw away the rule book and paint it YOUR way.
Wall paint isn’t just about colour anymore but also different textures.
Concrete Effect Paint is easy to use and gives your interior a beautiful and personal touch. It is the personal expression that is the focus. If you want to recreate the modern, pitted, textured look of industrial concrete, reminiscent of New York loft apartments, or a look that is more about the sophistication of subtle shading, we give you the versatility to paint it your way.

No limits
Apply the paint with a brush or roller, the effect you achieve will be dependent on method of application.
We recommend one to two coats. If you are satisfied with the result after the first application, coat number two is not necessary, but adding additional coats will enhance the shading and texture. Long, sweeping strokes give a calmer effect, short, cross hatch strokes give a more intense and textured look.
For a dramatic effect, with texture and pitting, apply 2 coats with a brush or roller, then use a steel trowel at 60-80% angle across the painted surface, in broad sweeping strokes.
For a polished look, sand lightly with a fine grit paper.