Zero Flame Aquasteel WB+

  • Achieves 30 & 60 mins' fire resistance on structural steel profiles
  • Tested to internationally accepted standards BS476 Parts 20 & 21
  • Certificate application included
  • Fast drying
  • Apply by brush, roller or airless spray


Zeroflame AquaSteel WB+ intumescent coating provides an easy and efficient fire protection alternative to cladding structural steel members in fire rated board! Zeroflame have combined the ability to protect standard steel sizes and profiles for both 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance in a single product. 

By creating AquaSteel WB+ they have fast tracked the time consuming process of gathering all details on the steel members and calculating the exact of amount of materials needed for each steel member. This makes things so much easier!

Zeroflame have also produced a topcoat for AquaSteel WB+

Colour: White